2016/17 Premier League Football Predictions

cutmypic (1)At the start of every  season, I like to predict how I think the final Premier League table will look, as well as guess the winners of the various cup competitions.

This time, I’ve decided to post my predictions on here so everyone who reads this can laugh at how horribly wrong I will inevitably be.

Manchester City are my pick for the title, and the reason for that is simple: Pep Guardiola.

Much of the hype has surrounded Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba on the other side of town, but for me, this might be just a season too soon for United. Continue reading


Psychological thrillers: my top 5 reads

cutmypicSince I started university, I’ve really gotten into reading again. After a long day on campus, I love to run a hot bubbly bath and read a good book in there. I particularly enjoy psychological thrillers as I love their tense, twisty stories. I’ve read several books over the past year or so, and many have been utterly magnificent. I wanted to share my favourites here to give you a chance to discover them too! Continue reading

Sam Allardyce – Unfashionable, but a good fit for England

cutmypic (1)So here we are again; another major tournament, another embarrassing failure and another new face at the helm of English football. It’s an all too familiar pattern.

The England national job has become something of a poisoned chalice since Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup way back in 1966. Many have tried to repeat that feat and all have failed.

The latest man to take up the challenge is Sam Allardyce, and whilst he may not be the modern day Alf Ramsey, he is someone who might – just might – at least restore a modicum of respectability following the shambles of the Euros.

Allardyce might not be the most glamorous choice, nor was he a particularly overwhelming candidate for the role, but out of all the options, he’s perhaps the best fit. Continue reading

Enjoying photos the old fashioned way

cutmypicNearly everyone has a powerful camera on their phone these days, and yet less people seem to be printing their photos. Digital copies are great for sharing and being able to send to anyone with the tap of a finger, but I personally missed physically holding my photos, giving people copies, and most of all, putting them up in my house. Also, if you get a new phone or lose your password to your cloud storage, you may find that you’ve lost pictures of cherished memories.

The other day, I came across an app called FreePrints, which offered free 6×4 inch photographs, just for the cost of postage (which is never more than £3.99). To me, that sounded too good to be true, but I downloaded it anyway to see what it was all about.

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Adult dot-to-dots: a trip back to childhood for relaxation

Icutmypic was perusing the magazines in Morrisons the other day when I saw this thing:13417668_1349686181714104_3251287333667219709_n

A dot-to-dot book for adults! I’d heard of colouring books for adults (they’re everywhere, how can you miss them?!) but dot-to-dot was certainly a new one for me!

I’ve heard people rave about adult colouring books, but they’ve never really done it for me. I don’t have the patience to spend hours delicately colouring in between teeny tiny lines. Dot-to-dots, on the other hand, were a fabulous part of my childhood. How could I not buy it?

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My experience of Couch to 5K

cutmypicHello! As my first ever post on this blog, I wanted to talk about something that’s not only great for your health, but can also be a real confidence booster. Running! 

A few months ago, I watched the London Marathon with awe. I saw people of all shapes and sizes embarking on a 26.2 mile run, and it made me realise that if they can run, so can I. I already cycled frequently, so I did have a head start, but for some reason the idea of running any kind of distance struck fear into me. However, once I’d done some research I felt very reassured and thought that training myself to run 5k would be a good target. I found the reddit community particularly informative. A quick Google search also led me to discover the NHS-endorsed One You Couch to 5k app, and I was all ready to begin.

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