Hi! We are Laura and James, and a very big welcome to our blog. ūüôā We’ve decided to finally take the plunge and get all our thoughts out onto this shared space!

The both of us…
We are a very happy couple and have been together for several years now. We are both from different areas of the UK (Laura Manchester; James Bedfordshire) but we spend plenty of time together in Laura’s university flat in Edgbaston, Birmingham. We love to go on walks ¬†together, eat out, watch TV and films, and introduce each other to new things. We also both share a passion for writing (James is even a sports journalist) so we can’t wait to share our individual and shared thoughts and experiences on here.

I’m 20, and I’m a psychology student at the University of Birmingham (no, I can’t ¬†read your mind unfortunately). I split my time between my university flat and my family home in Tameside, Manchester. The first thing most people know about me is that I’m a crazy cat lady so please¬†do send me pictures of your kitties!¬†I own three furbabies and I also have a tortoise. They’re a lot faster and mischievous than people give them credit for… When I’m not studying, I like to do crafts, read, and also enjoy running and cycling if I’m not feeling too lazy! I’m really looking forward to blogging about those things and more.


I’m 25, and I’m a journalist who currently works as a sports editor of several local newspapers. Monday to Thursday is spent in the office, Friday provides a rare day to relax while weekends involve covering Northampton Town home and away during the football season. I still live at home with my parents, my younger brother and my lovely – if at times naughty – dog called Joey, however I also spend plenty of time living with Laura in her flat. My job aptly represents my life which revolves around sport, especially football, tennis, cricket and golf. With a handicap of nine, the latter is a particular passion of mine – although one which I fear I will never master – and I envisage plenty of blogs centred around sport, both as a fan and a player.

But what on earth does The Annie on Sunday mean?! 

I think we can both admit we aren’t the most inventive people, so coming up with a blog name was quite a task. However, one of the things we both have in common is our love for animals, particularly the pets that we’ve had as we grew up. We decided our name should reflect this, so we used the names of our respective first pets. Annie was Laura’s first pet, a beautiful black rescue cat that Laura had since she was a toddler. Sunday, the lovely border collie, was in James’ family¬†before James was even born! Both of these animals were our companions, friends and playmates growing up. We wanted to pay homage to the impact that they had in our lives, and thus¬†The Annie on Sunday¬†was born.